3 Ideas for a Socially Distant Wedding

One of the disappointing consequences of the rapidly spreading coronavirus is all of the previously planned weddings that have now been thrown into flux. Fortunately, you can still get married amidst this global pandemic crisis if you put the proper precautions in place. Here are three ideas for you to consider for a socially distant wedding.

Virtual Wedding

A virtual wedding allows you to share the moment with all of your friends and family. There are numerous applications that will permit you to stream your ceremony and share it with the people who mean the most to you. After choosing your online streaming platform, you’ll need to inform all your guests of the login information. Options to consider include Zoom, Slack and Facebook Live. Remember to try a test run a few days before so that you can be sure you have the right lighting and audiovisual elements properly working before you go live.

Take It Outside

If you live in an area that is not mandating that people stay home, you can still get married in person with some precautions. Moving your ceremony and reception from an indoor venue to the great outdoors will help you to be in compliance with social distancing rules. The virus is also less likely to spread when people are not confined indoors. There are plenty of ideas you can use to make the event fun. While you may have to nix the dance floor in order to adhere to social distancing, you can still provide live music and other entertainment.

Adjust Your Timeline

One option, of course, is to simply reschedule the event. If celebrating with your friends and family in person is important to you, you can adjust the timeline of your wedding so that you can still tie the knot now but have your reception at a later date. The only thing that you need to get married is a licensed official. You could have a private ceremony with just the three of you and then postpone the celebration to a more opportune time in the future. This will allow you to honor your original wedding date but still include friends and family in the fun when the height of the virus spread has passed.

Your love does not have to be put on hold during this challenging time. With the right planning and a little creativity, you can forge ahead with your wedding plans.

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How to Have Perfect Skin by Your Wedding Day

Every bride wants to look and feel her best on her wedding day. With so many people to see and photos being taken, you will want your skin to look perfect on your big day. If you still have a few weeks before your wedding day arrives, there are some tips you can use to make sure you have perfect skin by then.

Create a New Routine

Sometimes, a new routine can make a big difference in how clear your skin looks. Using the same products can end up clogging your pores and leaving your skin looking dull over time. When you create a new routine, you should wash your skin once in the morning and once at night. You should also use a toner and moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and healthy. Keeping up with this routine from now until your wedding day can produce some pretty amazing results.

Get a Skin Treatment

If you have enough time to let your skin heal and rejuvenate before your wedding, a skin treatment can help get rid of some of the dead skin cells that are just sitting on the surface of your skin. Fractional CO2 laser treatments can be used to get rid of many different skin blemishes and marks. You just need enough time to let the redness go away in case you experience any. A general facial from a local spa can also help clear up your skin.

Invest in the Right Products

Switching up your routine and investing in some skin treatments can be great for your skin. You also want to make sure that you have the right products at home. You could buy the cheaper face washes and lotions that are under $10 at the grocery store, but these products lack a lot of the quality that can provide you with beautiful skin. Spend a little bit of money on some higher quality products that will provide results.

When your wedding day arrives, and you have perfect skin, you’ll be happy that you invested time and money into making it possible. You’ll be so happy with the results that you will continue the routine into the future. You’ll have beautiful skin for years to come. Not only will your wedding photos look beautiful, but you’ll have glowing skin in all the photos that you and your brand-new spouse take over the coming years together.

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Traditional Weddings Not Your Thing? Try One of These Ideas

Your wedding can be the ultimate expression of your style and personality. While many people choose to go the traditional route for their special day, you should not feel limited to having to go with that approach. There is an endless number of ways that you can move beyond a traditional wedding to make your day stand out. Here are a few ideas to consider if traditional weddings are not your thing.

Make It a Real Destination

If you want to make your wedding truly special for your guests, consider making it a destination event. Choose a destination that people will want to visit, and build your wedding around this theme. Regardless of whether you choose a tropical beach wedding or a cozy wedding in the mountains at a ski lodge, a destination wedding will deliver an amazing time for you and all of your guests while breaking out of the traditional model. Continue reading “Traditional Weddings Not Your Thing? Try One of These Ideas”

Should You Have a Dance Floor at Your Wedding Reception?

A well-organized wedding dance floor can be a great contributor to the success of your wedding. A wedding is a joyous event, and so guests want to feel happy and comfortable. You need to figure out strategies to get your guests off their chairs and get dancing. Unlike a poorly set up dancing venue, an appealing dance floor can encourage visitors to make a move and enjoy dancing all night. Here are some essential tips for setting up the right mood on the dance floor. Continue reading “Should You Have a Dance Floor at Your Wedding Reception?”